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“Beyond reason”

About Dick Kennedy

Dick Kennedy is the Weekly World Inquisitor's UFO reporter and yet he still hasn't lost his faith in the fantastic

UFO I have always hoped that one day I will come face-to-face with the fantastic.

I look around this world and I think, Is this all there is? And I know that can't be true.

And so I look to the stars.

My journalism career started as a reporter on the campus newspaper. I won't tell you which college. They probably wouldn't like it.

Then I made it on to a local newspaper whose mission seemed to be to sell aluminum siding, lawn chairs and SUVs. I wrote about the 'slimmer of the month' losing five of her 300 pounds. I wrote about heroic chihuahuas finding their owners after they'd moved eight blocks. I wrote about pie-eating contests and tractor-pulls. I went quietly insane.

But all that time I read - about people who had experiences like mine, encounters during the darkest hours of night, or on lonely roads. Often they were experiences that people could hardly bring themselves to describe. And so I started to seek them out. I would travel hundreds of miles to listen to someone's tale of the numinous.

Some people believe UFOs are the product of our mind, of our unconscious, of our fears. I believe that we conjure them in some way, but that their presence is very real. These extraterrestrial visitors are maybe not as alien as we think, though. 

And it all pointed to Nevada. More weird things happen here than in any other part of the country, any other part of the world, as far as I know. So I moved to Reno and lobbied for this job on the Weekly World Inquisitor. It hadn't occurred to me how little journalism goes on here. I don't care. I still seek the truth, and when I find it, you'll be the first to know.


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