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“We waste no time in seeking the truth”

Truth is still stranger than fiction

The weird world depicted in a new novel is nothing like as strange as what really happens around here

Black ProjectThere's a new novel that claims to be about me. Black Project portrays a weird world in which I'm forever chasing after strange and unexplained phenomena. I won't spoil the plot for you: you'll probably want to read it because it's very funny. But just so you know: the world portrayed in the book is nothing like as bizarre as what happens on a daily basis at this publication.

I think our management gave permission for the writer to use my name. The book features the Weekly World Inquisitor, too, and they probably thought it would be good publicity. Personally, I think it makes them out to be idiots. But no-one around here ever reads anything, including this blog, so they'll never know.

The book gets one thing right, though. There definitely are weird things happening out in the desert. Many of the incidents related in the book, at least in the early parts, are based on my reports. Disturbingly, some of the events in the book are ones that I wrote about but never got published because my editor, Robin, thought they were too strange. I don't know where the writer got those from. No-one will tell me.

But at least I've been allowed to start blogging again, now that the book has been published.

If you want to check out Black Project, it's available in print, Kindle and Apple iBooks editions.


Illuminati's failure - or fall guy?

Is UK Prime Minister David Cameron a casualty or a sacrifice for the secret powers that rule the world?

David Cameron - Murdoch's BitchThe establishment seems to be falling apart in the UK. Rebekah Brooks, editor of the best-selling Sunday newspaper, the News of the World: resigned and arrested. Andy Coulson, PR advisor to the Prime Minister: resigned and arrested. Paul Stephenson, head of the Metropolitan Police: resigned. His deputy, John Yates: resigned. And Rupert Murdoch, the once unassailable kingpin of British media and true ruler of the country has had to back down from a deal he's been pursuing for years.

Who's next to fall?

And does this show a weakening in the grip of the Illuminati? Or is this part of their plan?

The picture shown here has suddenly started cropping up everywhere on the net. Someone has it in for David Cameron, the British Prime Minister. Not that I'm saying they're wrong. From what I understand, it was Murdoch who promoted Cameron to become leader of the Conservative party. And it was Murdoch who bought the last election for him.

This crisis is the result of the so-called phone hacking scandal. But can the British really be this angry about a few reporters listening to other people's voicemail messages? Or are there deeper, darker forces at work here?

On the face of it, these people are the very ones who sit at the top table of the Illuminati. But you'll note that there's no move yet to arrest Murdoch.

Maybe he's clearing the decks. Getting rid of the deadwood. Since he came to power, Cameron has done nothing but fail. And we all know the price of failure.

Don't be surprised if Cameron is the next to go. But that won't be the end of it.

Only time will tell us what Murdoch has planned.


Looks like a UFO to me

Except that we know this is an airship. Or is it?

More great military technology from Lockheed Martin.

This airship is another flying machine that's going to spark off UFO reports.

But who knows? Maybe we'd be right to see something alien in this. Military technology is progressing so fast, I can't stop thinking that maybe Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and the like are getting some help from somewhere or something.



Strange craft in the skies

How many of these will be mistaken for UFOs?

We all know that at least some so-called 'UFO' sightings are actually glimpses of military black projects.

Secret, highly experimental aircraft are almost certainly still out there. But fewer than there used to be. Budgets are tight. The military doesn't spend like a drunken sailor anymore. Military-industrial contractors have to fund their own research.

And overseas customers are far more important than they used to be. The US might be keeping the F-22 to itself, but the F-35 can't survive without lots of foreign buyers.

So these days, a new technology is as likely to end up in a promotional video as in the darkened skies above us.

But I bet that won't stop some of these weird and amazing craft from being mistaken for alien spacecraft.

For example, take Lockheed Martin's Various UAV, which is only at the  animated marketing video stage (officially at least. I bet there's one or two flying).

In spite of the swept wings, it's a subsonic craft. Those wings have long chords at the root to accommodate vertical lift fans. It's an amazing piece of kit. But alien it ain't.



Spying on ourselves

With MySpace and Facebook the authorities don't need to carry out surveillance on us - we're doing the job for them

I’m getting friend requests on MySpace and Facebook that have me worried. It’s not that I’m unfriendly. If people want to friend me, I usually say yes, so long as they include some info on where they saw my details and how come they’re getting in touch.

And I’ve come to recognize spammers - those impossibly friendly girls who seem to have trouble keeping their clothes on.

No, what worries me is how the authorities might be using social networking. They don’t have to spy on us any more. We’re doing the job for them. I read how some researchers can now use people’s friends lists to work out if they’re gay.

If one individual becomes a ‘person of interest’ to the authorities, then anyone associated with them, however remotely, is also under suspicion.
Intelligence agencies learn a lot through what they call ‘traffic analysis’. They monitor messages travelling across phone, email and other networks. They don’t care about what’s in the messages, but who’s sending them, who’s receiving them, and when they’re sent.

For example, let’s say the NSA is monitoring a group of people it thinks might be terrorists. A message gets sent out by one of the group to three people. The content of the message is encrypted, or maybe it’s in plain text but using a secret message that means nothing to the NSA. Zero intelligence, you might think. But immediately, each of those three recipients sends out identical (or identically sized) messages to three more people. And those new recipients do the same. Even without understanding the contents of the message, the NSA has a fully mapped chain of command for the terrorist group. And if some recipients weren’t on their original watchlist … well they are now.

A social network is a rich hunting ground for traffic analysts. And what’s really worrying is just how dumb some of this analysis might be.
Let’s say someone with an interest in radical ideas - let’s call him M - goes to a party. Someone else at the party takes a snap of M and puts the picture on their Facebook page. They tag M. Then they notice that you’re in the picture, too - not with M, but in the background. They tag you.

The NSA’s computers regularly scour the net. M is on their list of names to watch for. They pick up M in the tag - and they pick up you in the same image. As of now, you’re ‘associated’ with M. The computer isn’t smart enough to work out that you’re busy trying, and failing, to get off with the goth girl who’s just outside of the photograph’s frame. The computer has no way of knowing that you didn’t speak to M the whole evening, have never met him, and to this day have no idea that he exists.

Perhaps some human at the NSA will eventually view the image and decide that your association with M is coincidental and circumstantial. Perhaps not. Either way, you’re on a list.

Think this can’t happen? Google the story of Maher Arar. And his detention and torture resulted from more old-fashioned intelligence gathering. Now, the discovery of these kinds of accidental links is automated. Welcome to the world of self-surveillance.


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