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Long, strange season

Getting fired, rehired, chased and terrorized - all in all, it's been a weird few months

Yeah, I know, I haven't posted in a while. It's been a long, strange holiday season.

I got fired by the Inquisitor - twice. Then rehired both times. But that wasn't the strange thing - they do that all the time here. It's a way of keeping people on their toes, or reducing wages. Usually both.

No, the weird part of it was that I got fired for not putting enough fear in my stories. "We're in the fear business," said Robin, my editor. First time I've heard of it. I thought we were in the truth business. Selah.

There have been all kinds of odd edicts coming down from on high, about the words we can and can't use in the publication, that sort of stuff. I think some of it's from corporate. But some sounds more official. Like we're now supposed to use the term 'Un-American' instead of 'foreign' or 'international'. I think that one came from the Government.

Even away from the office, things are getting weirder. Several times now I've been followed, sometimes aggressively, while driving. And has anyone else noticed the appearance of military Humvees on the streets? Or is that just Reno?

Anyway, I'll tell more in future posts. At least I can use this blog - it's still the case that no-one at the Inquisitor reads it. I'm not convinced they can read.