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Illuminati's failure - or fall guy?

Is UK Prime Minister David Cameron a casualty or a sacrifice for the secret powers that rule the world?

David Cameron - Murdoch's BitchThe establishment seems to be falling apart in the UK. Rebekah Brooks, editor of the best-selling Sunday newspaper, the News of the World: resigned and arrested. Andy Coulson, PR advisor to the Prime Minister: resigned and arrested. Paul Stephenson, head of the Metropolitan Police: resigned. His deputy, John Yates: resigned. And Rupert Murdoch, the once unassailable kingpin of British media and true ruler of the country has had to back down from a deal he's been pursuing for years.

Who's next to fall?

And does this show a weakening in the grip of the Illuminati? Or is this part of their plan?

The picture shown here has suddenly started cropping up everywhere on the net. Someone has it in for David Cameron, the British Prime Minister. Not that I'm saying they're wrong. From what I understand, it was Murdoch who promoted Cameron to become leader of the Conservative party. And it was Murdoch who bought the last election for him.

This crisis is the result of the so-called phone hacking scandal. But can the British really be this angry about a few reporters listening to other people's voicemail messages? Or are there deeper, darker forces at work here?

On the face of it, these people are the very ones who sit at the top table of the Illuminati. But you'll note that there's no move yet to arrest Murdoch.

Maybe he's clearing the decks. Getting rid of the deadwood. Since he came to power, Cameron has done nothing but fail. And we all know the price of failure.

Don't be surprised if Cameron is the next to go. But that won't be the end of it.

Only time will tell us what Murdoch has planned.