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“We waste no time in seeking the truth”

Truth is still stranger than fiction

The weird world depicted in a new novel is nothing like as strange as what really happens around here

Black ProjectThere's a new novel that claims to be about me. Black Project portrays a weird world in which I'm forever chasing after strange and unexplained phenomena. I won't spoil the plot for you: you'll probably want to read it because it's very funny. But just so you know: the world portrayed in the book is nothing like as bizarre as what happens on a daily basis at this publication.

I think our management gave permission for the writer to use my name. The book features the Weekly World Inquisitor, too, and they probably thought it would be good publicity. Personally, I think it makes them out to be idiots. But no-one around here ever reads anything, including this blog, so they'll never know.

The book gets one thing right, though. There definitely are weird things happening out in the desert. Many of the incidents related in the book, at least in the early parts, are based on my reports. Disturbingly, some of the events in the book are ones that I wrote about but never got published because my editor, Robin, thought they were too strange. I don't know where the writer got those from. No-one will tell me.

But at least I've been allowed to start blogging again, now that the book has been published.

If you want to check out Black Project, it's available in print, Kindle and Apple iBooks editions.