Lady Caine - the weird side of the War on Drugs
“If it's out there, we believe it!”

Looks like a UFO to me

Except that we know this is an airship. Or is it?

More great military technology from Lockheed Martin.

This airship is another flying machine that's going to spark off UFO reports.

But who knows? Maybe we'd be right to see something alien in this. Military technology is progressing so fast, I can't stop thinking that maybe Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and the like are getting some help from somewhere or something.



Strange craft in the skies

How many of these will be mistaken for UFOs?

We all know that at least some so-called 'UFO' sightings are actually glimpses of military black projects.

Secret, highly experimental aircraft are almost certainly still out there. But fewer than there used to be. Budgets are tight. The military doesn't spend like a drunken sailor anymore. Military-industrial contractors have to fund their own research.

And overseas customers are far more important than they used to be. The US might be keeping the F-22 to itself, but the F-35 can't survive without lots of foreign buyers.

So these days, a new technology is as likely to end up in a promotional video as in the darkened skies above us.

But I bet that won't stop some of these weird and amazing craft from being mistaken for alien spacecraft.

For example, take Lockheed Martin's Various UAV, which is only at the  animated marketing video stage (officially at least. I bet there's one or two flying).

In spite of the swept wings, it's a subsonic craft. Those wings have long chords at the root to accommodate vertical lift fans. It's an amazing piece of kit. But alien it ain't.



Long, strange season

Getting fired, rehired, chased and terrorized - all in all, it's been a weird few months

Yeah, I know, I haven't posted in a while. It's been a long, strange holiday season.

I got fired by the Inquisitor - twice. Then rehired both times. But that wasn't the strange thing - they do that all the time here. It's a way of keeping people on their toes, or reducing wages. Usually both.

No, the weird part of it was that I got fired for not putting enough fear in my stories. "We're in the fear business," said Robin, my editor. First time I've heard of it. I thought we were in the truth business. Selah.

There have been all kinds of odd edicts coming down from on high, about the words we can and can't use in the publication, that sort of stuff. I think some of it's from corporate. But some sounds more official. Like we're now supposed to use the term 'Un-American' instead of 'foreign' or 'international'. I think that one came from the Government.

Even away from the office, things are getting weirder. Several times now I've been followed, sometimes aggressively, while driving. And has anyone else noticed the appearance of military Humvees on the streets? Or is that just Reno?

Anyway, I'll tell more in future posts. At least I can use this blog - it's still the case that no-one at the Inquisitor reads it. I'm not convinced they can read.


Something strange in the desert

We all know about Area 51, but what other secrets does the Nevada desert hold?

Area 51 is a tourist attraction. We all know it's there. Maybe the reason that the US Government pretends it isn't is because it has darker secrets to hide.

Groom Lake - Area 51The US Government keeps up the charade of pretending that the Groom Lake base - or Area 51, or Dreamland, or whatever else you want to call it - doesn't exist. But that's not because it thinks it will convince us. I think they are manipulating an open conspiracy to stop us looking elsewhere. They're playing the same game we are, but with a different agenda.

On the face of it, the Government has other good reasons not to talk about Area 51. Yes, we all know it's there, but if it becomes official then it has to start appearing on budgets, becomes subject to congressional oversight, it moves to the public side of the military-industrial complex.

So we download high-resolution images from Russian or European satellites, and hike along public paths where you can just catch a glimpse, and flee from the camo-dudes like kids running from a farmer's orchard. And all this time they're really protecting something that isn't there.

So where are the real secrets to be found? Well, if we knew that...

Nevada and Utah are empty states. There's so much hostile territory out there. And great swathes of it are military reserves - radar test ranges, bombing ranges, all kinds of special-purpose land where the military can claim good reasons for keeping people out - for their own good, of course.

And a facility housing alien artefacts, maybe even alien craft, wouldn't have to be big. There wouldn't necessarily be much to see from satellites.

Maybe it's time to stop playing the Government's game. If we focus on what we can see, we may be a part in their conspiracy. There are other ways of looking.