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Why are they triangles now?

There seem to be fashions in UFOs. What does that tell us about them? Or about us?

They used to be saucers. Sometimes they were cigar-shaped. Now they're mostly triangles.

Ftriangular UFOashions come and fashions go. But do the aliens know about this?

I have seen so many strange things in the sky, but usually lights at night, so I've never really seen a shape. Other people have been luckier, I think.

But it seems that people see what other people have seen. Or they see what they think they should be seeing.

The first UFOs, defined as such, were the objects seen by Kenneth Arnold from his private plane, back in 1947. He didn't say they were saucer-shaped. He said their movement was undulating, like a saucer skipped across the water. But once he was misquoted, other people started seeing saucer-like objects in the sky. Why? Were they simply trying to conform?

And if these reports are shaped by people's expectations and desires, can we trust them? Maybe they are simply manifestations of our desires, not of physical artefacts.

I hope one day to see an alien craft in clear and unambiguous detail. I've no idea what shape it will be. Maybe that won't matter at the time...