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Rolling out the red carpet for ET

UN prepares to welcome aliens

New World Order gets ready for visit from extraterrestrial overlords

UNThe United Nations (UN) one-world government is laying out the red carpet for its alien masters, according to insiders within the totalitarian regime.

As the chief organisation of the New World Order, the UN has already established the super-secret Office of Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA).

Now it has appointed a little-known Malaysian 'astrophysicist' - Mazlan Othman - to head the welcoming party. Her role will be confirmed by the top UN Illuminati using a Royal Society conference in Buckingham, England as a cover for their meeting.

"The timing is highly significant," said Professor William H Carpenter, leader of the Carpenter Foundation for Intergalactic Networking. "We know that the Pope - the vicar of the New World Order - has just been to England. It's clear he was making preparations. No doubt he will sneak back unannounced to attend this so-called conference."

Carpenter also points to the current withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

"They're going to be needed at home," he explains. "The UN may be happy about a visit from thousands of extraterrestrials in highly advanced craft with devastating weapons, but most people are going to feel a tad uneasy."

There will be riots, said the Prof. He advises everyone to stay calm, buy guns and make sure you have plenty of canned food.


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