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“We waste no time in seeking the truth”

Government Scans for ET Zombies!!

Airport body scanners search for alien probes

New security scanners at airports are not checking for terrorists - they're looking for alien mind-control victims

Airport body scanner screenshotNew body scanners installed in US airports have nothing to do with fighting the War on Terror. They are designed to reveal implanted alien probes. And if they find one, it's bad news for you.

This is the warning given by William H Carpenter, founder of the Carpenter Foundation for Alien Insurgency.

"Many of those who walk among us are victims of a secret war," he says. "It's a war that the authorities deny is happening. And it's a war in which you will see no bodies. But the countless victims number tens of thousands."

For many years, Carpenter claims, extraterrestrial visitors have been abducting American citizens and implanting mind control devices.

"These poor souls have become little more than alien terrorist zombies," he says. To the casual observer, the victims may continue to live normal lives. "They may play computer games, text their friends, watch Fox News and even give all the outward signs of being normal, red-blooded American patriots," says Carpenter. "But the blood that flows through their veins owes its allegiance to reptilian masters."

The probes are mostly placed in the head. But reports from abductees suggest many other forms of insertion. "This is why the TSA - the airport security arm of the New World Order - is insisting on whole body scanners," says Carpenter. "You never know where you're going to find these things."

The implants connect via the nervous system to the reptilian part of the brain, which humans inherited from Anunnaki Reptilian aliens originating from the Alpha Draconis star system. These extraterrestrial visitors bred with humans to produce a global elite. Since then, they have visited regularly to create a secret army of slaves, worker drones and assassins.

"They do this by implanting these probes that overcome a person's free will," says Carpenter. "If you encounter anyone in a dead-end job, civil service post or official capacity who seems unconcerned about their circumstances, chances are they're a Reptilian mind-control slave."

Now the Government is searching for these probed individuals - but maybe not for the reasons you'd think.

"The authorities want to keep tabs on these people," says Carpenter. "But it's not to eradicate them. Not yet. I have evidence that whenever a body scanner detects one of these slaves, that person simply disappears."

What's happening to them?

"I think it's something to do with the forthcoming Disclosure event," says Carpenter.

According to a number of sources, the Government is about to reveal the existence of aliens as part of a scheme to implement a One World Government.

"They're marshalling their forces. Building their zombie armies," says Carpenter. "Trust me. When these alien slaves return, it will be the end of the world as we know it.

Daylight Robbery

Aliens are stealing our ozone !!

Extraterrestrials in conspiracy with US Government to privatize the atmosphere

A speaker at yesterday's high-level environmental conference in England claims to have proof that global warming is not caused by mankind, but by aliens. He also said the aliens are part of a US Government conspiracy to sell off the Earth's atmosphere.

"Global warming and the ozone hole have got nothing to do with CFCs, car emissions, airplanes or CO2," he said. "It's all because aliens are stealing our ozone."

The unidentified speaker, who gatecrashed the conference, took the podium less than a hour after the last of the official speakers had left the building. His appearance seemed to be carefully timed so that he spoke only to the handful of remaining journalists and other drunks.

The unscheduled appearance occurred on the last day of a two-day conference entitled 'Why is the weather so crap?' held in Clacton, England. It was attended mainly by clerks from governmental environment agencies across the UK and their secretaries. NGOs such as Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth were not there, probably because, as one PR spokesbunny said, "We don't care".

The gatecrasher claimed to be from the US Environmental Protection Agency and had an official, inkjet-printed EPA badge stapled to his tin-foil beanie.

"Our Government is selling off the ozone," he said, "but I have evidence that the aliens are taking more than they're paying for. Now that's plain stealing."

When contacted by the Weekly World Inquisitor, a US Government spokesperson admitted: "We have created an Atmospheric Privatization Initiative which is leveraging a public-private partnership methodology to monetize under-utilised resources in the Earth's non-ground-based assets." But when pressed if they are doing deals with aliens to sell off the ozone, he replied, "I'm sorry, I don't understand the question."

Later, speaking privately with the Weekly World Inquisitor's reporter in a nearby pub, the gatecrasher was unable to say why the aliens might be stealing our atmosphere. "Christ knows what they're doing with it," he said. "What use is ozone?"