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Aliens probe us!

Russian probe hijacked by Martians!

Phobos-Grunt was supposed to survey Mars - now aliens are using it to probe us!

Phobos-GruntA Russian spacecraft that was supposed to land on Mars' biggest moon, Phobos, has been taken over by extraterrestrials, said sources close to the space agency Roscosmos.

The 15-tonne Phobos-Grunt probe failed to fire its main engine, ending up in Earth orbit instead of hurtling towards the Red Planet. Yet reliable press reports indicate that, instead of slowing falling towards annihilation in Earth's atmosphere, it is actually increasing altitude.

"In spite of all the speculation, there is clearly only one sane explanation for this," claimed William H Carpenter, chief of the Carpenter Foundation for the Unexplained Truth. "Martians have taken control of the spacecraft and are now using it to probe us."

Without power from an engine, such a rising orbit is impossible. Carpenter believes the required energy is being delivered by an alien craft that has now docked with the crippled Russian vehicle.

"The history of Mars missions is littered with failures for both Russia and the US," said Carpenter. "Russia hasn't had a truly successful Mars mission and many of NASA's attempts have ended in failure. I think the Brits tried and failed, too."

The reason for this is simple, he said. "Martians don't like being probed. Who does?"

Some contact has been made with the Phobos-Grunt spacecraft, but Roscosmos is being cagey about what information has been exchanged. Rumors circulating within the space community suggest that the Russians may have received an unexpected message from the craft which might explain its strange behaviour. 

"It's definitely aliens," said Carpenter, "or maybe the Chinese."


Rolling out the red carpet for ET

UN prepares to welcome aliens

New World Order gets ready for visit from extraterrestrial overlords

UNThe United Nations (UN) one-world government is laying out the red carpet for its alien masters, according to insiders within the totalitarian regime.

As the chief organisation of the New World Order, the UN has already established the super-secret Office of Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA).

Now it has appointed a little-known Malaysian 'astrophysicist' - Mazlan Othman - to head the welcoming party. Her role will be confirmed by the top UN Illuminati using a Royal Society conference in Buckingham, England as a cover for their meeting.

"The timing is highly significant," said Professor William H Carpenter, leader of the Carpenter Foundation for Intergalactic Networking. "We know that the Pope - the vicar of the New World Order - has just been to England. It's clear he was making preparations. No doubt he will sneak back unannounced to attend this so-called conference."

Carpenter also points to the current withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

"They're going to be needed at home," he explains. "The UN may be happy about a visit from thousands of extraterrestrials in highly advanced craft with devastating weapons, but most people are going to feel a tad uneasy."

There will be riots, said the Prof. He advises everyone to stay calm, buy guns and make sure you have plenty of canned food.


NASA tracks alien spaceship

Unidentified spacecraft nearly hit Earth, says NASA

So-called 'artificial asteroid' could have caused a disaster

An object described by NASA as 'artificial' came close to colliding with Planet Earth, say the space agency's top scientists. The craft is now moving away from us, but it's only by sheer luck that the close encounter did not end in disaster.

NASA has admitted that the object could not have been an asteroid. And in a startling later confession, it announced that it believed it to be "artificial" and "a spacecraft".

The object, known by the cover name 'asteroid' 2010 KQ, was tracked by the Near-Earth Object Program, based at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California. This is the organisation tasked by the Government to keep track of alien craft approaching Earth.


In an official statement, suppressed until after the object had passed, NASA announced:

"Observations by astronomer S J Bus, using the NASA-sponsored Infrared Telescope Facility in Mauna Kea, Hawaii, indicate that 2010 KQ's spectral characteristics do not match any of the known asteroid types, and the object's absolute magnitude (28.9) suggests it is only a few meters in size."

However, William H Carpenter, of the Carpenter Foundation for Space Conspiracies, said: "The data about the size is clearly disinformation. Not only could they not track an object that small for so long, why would they even mention it?"

He added: "Clearly our planet came close to destruction at the hands of an alien craft - and now they're telling lies about it."

Without saying how they know, NASA scientists now claim that they expect the spacecraft to return in 2036.

"Clearly, they're trying to put us off the scent," said Carpenter. "I think 2012 is more likely."



Atomic Car Found on Moon!!

Russian moon rover was stolen by aliens

Nuclear buggy turns up after being missing for 40 years

Rover found on moonAn unmanned Russian lunar rover, missing for the past 40 years, has turned up on the Moon - and now we know why it disappeared. It was stolen by aliens.

"It's a problem NASA never talks about," said William H Carpenter, head of the Carpenter Foundation for Galactic Law Enforcement. "People imagine the biggest problems with aliens are abduction and the possibility of interstallar war. But on a day-to-day basis, the real issue is petty theft."

The Soviet-era Lunokhod 1 rover landed on the Moon in 1970. For nearly a year it bumbled about the Mare Imbrium, thanks to its Polonium-210 atomic power pack, sending back information to its Communist masters. Then it disappeared.

Now NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) which is circling the Moon taking snaps of the surface, has found the missing vehicle.

NASA has released fuzzy images it says are the Soviet rover. But inside sources say they have much higher resolution images that are being kept secret.

"The reason is simple," says Carpenter. "The pictures show evidence that the Lunokhod has been adapted for use by aliens. According to my sources, small seats have been added, and the whole vehicle has been given a custom paint job featuring strange symbols."

NASA has so far refused to comment on the rumors. However, it's well known within space circles that theft is a serious problem for rovers and other planetary exploration vehicles. The US, Russia and the UK have all had missions end abruptly when their satellites, probes and buggies have inexplicably vanished - most notably on Mars missions.

Now it seems that the problem started 40 years ago and much closer to home.

Not everyone within the US space agency accepts the theft theory, though.

Lunokhod 1"I find it hard to believe," said one NASA scientist. "Why would aliens steal some Russki POS like the Lunokhod when, around the same time, our boys on the Apollo 14 and 15 missions were blasting around the lunar surface in American hot rods? I mean, have you seen the Lunokhod?"

Some scientists likened the Lunokhod 1 and its lander craft (right) to a 'flying dustbin'. But Carpenter thinks the aliens may have made a smart choice.

"Aside from the fact that it was unmanned, so the aliens didn't have to bother with abducting anyone, the Lunokhod was actually pretty robust," he said. "And that's what you want when you're driving around the hostile, unforgiving surface of the Moon. The American lunar rovers were much sleeker and better equipped. But you just know that, one week past the warranty period, they'd have broken down."

Government Scans for ET Zombies!!

Airport body scanners search for alien probes

New security scanners at airports are not checking for terrorists - they're looking for alien mind-control victims

Airport body scanner screenshotNew body scanners installed in US airports have nothing to do with fighting the War on Terror. They are designed to reveal implanted alien probes. And if they find one, it's bad news for you.

This is the warning given by William H Carpenter, founder of the Carpenter Foundation for Alien Insurgency.

"Many of those who walk among us are victims of a secret war," he says. "It's a war that the authorities deny is happening. And it's a war in which you will see no bodies. But the countless victims number tens of thousands."

For many years, Carpenter claims, extraterrestrial visitors have been abducting American citizens and implanting mind control devices.

"These poor souls have become little more than alien terrorist zombies," he says. To the casual observer, the victims may continue to live normal lives. "They may play computer games, text their friends, watch Fox News and even give all the outward signs of being normal, red-blooded American patriots," says Carpenter. "But the blood that flows through their veins owes its allegiance to reptilian masters."

The probes are mostly placed in the head. But reports from abductees suggest many other forms of insertion. "This is why the TSA - the airport security arm of the New World Order - is insisting on whole body scanners," says Carpenter. "You never know where you're going to find these things."

The implants connect via the nervous system to the reptilian part of the brain, which humans inherited from Anunnaki Reptilian aliens originating from the Alpha Draconis star system. These extraterrestrial visitors bred with humans to produce a global elite. Since then, they have visited regularly to create a secret army of slaves, worker drones and assassins.

"They do this by implanting these probes that overcome a person's free will," says Carpenter. "If you encounter anyone in a dead-end job, civil service post or official capacity who seems unconcerned about their circumstances, chances are they're a Reptilian mind-control slave."

Now the Government is searching for these probed individuals - but maybe not for the reasons you'd think.

"The authorities want to keep tabs on these people," says Carpenter. "But it's not to eradicate them. Not yet. I have evidence that whenever a body scanner detects one of these slaves, that person simply disappears."

What's happening to them?

"I think it's something to do with the forthcoming Disclosure event," says Carpenter.

According to a number of sources, the Government is about to reveal the existence of aliens as part of a scheme to implement a One World Government.

"They're marshalling their forces. Building their zombie armies," says Carpenter. "Trust me. When these alien slaves return, it will be the end of the world as we know it.

Aliens abduct entire cow herds

Extraterrestrials stop mutilating cows and start stealing them


Fossil proof of alien breeding program

'Ida' fossil turns out not to be human but proof that aliens bred with our ancestors, say scientists


Aliens stole our cheese!

Disaster for British space program as Cheddar payload is abducted by extraterrestrials


British Navy Shoots Down UFO !!

Her Majesty's Royal Navy has shot down an alien spacecraft over the city of Liverpool - and already the cover-up has started


Hitler painted a UFO !!

Was the infamous Nazi dictator an alien abductee?


Teen aliens on drunken rampage

Recent UFO sightings may have been caused by extraterrestrial juvenile delinquents, says expert


McCain, Bush are shape-shifting alien

President and Republican candidate are one and the same - a shape-shifting alien lizard creature, claim Washington insiders

New X-Files movie uses real aliens!

Extras are extraterrestrials in spooky alien movie


Aliens boycott Baghdad

"We've been to some dangerous places, but this is ridiculous," says leading extraterrestrial abductor


Aliens sue for return of Roswell UFO

Little grey men also demand royalties on all reverse-engineered technology