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Mormon Dumbo Baby

Mormon shut-in gives birth to elephant baby

Religious mom splits apart after three-year gestation

elephant baby A mormon mother-to-be died giving birth to a weird elephant baby, claim scientists in Utah.

The doomed mommy had been a shut-in for several years, say neighbours - too fat to leave the house. Police reports estimate she weighed more than 1,000lbs at the time of death.

"It took three years for this baby to be born," said the woman's OBGYN, who works part-time at the Salt Lake City Zoo. "I mean, like its mother, it just wouldn't come out. Kept getting bigger 'n' bigger. Something had to give. Finally, the poor mom just burst!"

Doctors first became concerned when they realised the woman had been pregnant for more than 12 months. They tried persuading the mother to have the baby induced, but she refused all medical treatment on religious grounds. 

According to volunteer fireman Dan Ehat, who was among the first on the scene, "It was a real mess. I mean, I been in Falluja, all over the Sunni triangle, I've even committed war crimes, but I've never witnessed anything as gross as this." Seven members of the rescue squad that attended the fatal birth are now receiving treatment for post traumatic stress. 

"No-one knows how she got pregnant," said one specialist. "I mean, it doesn't bear thinking about, does it?"

A local Hindu sect has denied any responsibility and say they won't be treating the weird offspring as divine, in spite of the baby's resemblance to the god Ganesh.

A spokesman for the family said that the future of the baby hasn't been decided but that they were "considering a number of offers" from circuses, laboratories and movie studios. 


Monster Movie

Nessie goes to Hollywood

Loch Ness Monster signs deal to appear in next Oliver Stone movie

Nessie at a recent press conference The Loch Ness Monster is set to become Hollywood's latest star. After recent photographs finally proved Nessie's existence, the creature has decided to come out of obscurity and make a living in the real world.

This is believed to be the first time a mythical beast has signed a movie deal, though current rumors about Tom Cruise's celestial origins may mean it's more common than first thought.

Angus McFort, who claims to be the monster's agent, said that they had been in discussions with Jerry Bruckheimer, but that Nessie had pulled out fearing damage to her artistic credibility.

He says they have now inked a deal with Oliver Stone who will feature Nessie in the lead role of his next movie, said to be an off-the-wall and extremely violent remake of 'Black Beauty'.

The reclusive and notoriously camera-shy demon of the deep has never voluntarily appeared on film. She is not known to have any previous acting experience, though McFort said this proved to be an advantage in Hollywood.

"Actors make Hollywood producers nervous," he claimed. "They keep wanting to do stuff like ... you know, act. And few Hollywood blockbusters have any allowance in the budget for that sort of thing."

At a recent loch-side press conference, Nessie said that she hopes people will treat her as a serious artist. However, there have already been rumors about alleged eating disorders and a possible romance with former move star Arnold Schwazenegger.


Not So Merry Christmas

Santa Dead !!

Was it Government agents that killed him? Conspiracy of silence surrounds jolly fat man's demise

The late Santa Santa is dead, say unconfirmed reports coming from Greenland. And it wasn't old age or heart disease that nailed the jolly old fat man, they say — it was a botched raid by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF).

Early rumors of a mid-air collision with US Air Force jets over Afghanistan were quickly scotched. "What in hell's name would Santa be doing in Afghanistan," said one Air Force general. "That's pagan country."

Official sources close to the North Pole have hinted at complications from a "chimney-related injury" sustained during the last holiday season. He was also known to have sustained a number of wounds, mostly from 9mm rounds, when he ill-advisedly called out his trademark "Ho-Ho-Ho" in Harlem, two years ago.

However, some commentators have noted the public involvement of Customs and Coast Guard officers in the investigation into Santa's demise.

"This is a guy who flies through national airspace and across borders without ever being stopped or searched," said one. "And he's carrying large numbers of packages in his vehicle. It's possible there's a drugs angle to this and I wouldn't be surprised to find some kinda Colombian connection."

A Greenland-based journalist says he had evidence of a massive, combined DEA and ATF operation in that country just a few days ago. "My sources say the agencies, supported by both of Greenland's police officers, hit a covert base way to the north," he said. When asked if this could have been at the North Pole, he added: "It's possible."

Noting the involvement of the ATF, he went on to point out that cigarettes, cigars and booze are among the most common Christmas gifts, "Though we have no reason to suppose Santa was carrying weapons of any kind."

A White House spokesman refused to comment on the rumors of Santa's death, but did issue a statement that: "Federal agencies have recently been engaged in a surge of operations aimed at non-sanctioned groups involved in cross-border delivery operations."

He added: "Parents should make contingency plans in the event of the non-arrival of gifts. Happy holidays."


Scottish Beastliness

Nessie Caught!!!

Loch Ness Monster is finally caught on film. Stunning new photos prove existence of mythological beast

Recently rediscovered photo of Loch Ness Monster

The Loch Ness Monster is real and now we have proof! That's the astonishing conclusion drawn by a panel of scientists who have examined astounding photographs of Nessie that have only just come to light and which sinister government forces have suppressed for over 20 years.

The pictures were taken in the early 1980s by local proctologist and monster-hunter Angus McFort. They clearly show the monster cruising the loch in the twilight, some time in early March. One image was taken from a boat by McFort who then fled ashore, shooting a few more frames before escaping, terrified for his life.

McFort sent copies of the photographs to his local newspaper, the BBC and his local MP, Phil McCracken (Old Labour).

Soon after, McCracken died in a still-unexplained accident involving a seal pup and a scuba-diving outfit, a death that, to this day, locals describe as 'suspicious' and 'frankly disgusting'.

The BBC has always denied both that it ever received the pictures and that it was involved in a government-sponsored cover-up.

The offices of the local newspaper burned to the ground. Arson was suspected but never proved, though the local fire brigade reported large quantities of an accelerant, "believed to be single-malt".

McFort himself vanished not long after, never returning from a holiday in Bermuda.

Nessie seen in the twilight

Since then, no-one has seen the photographs and their very existence has been the subject of intense speculation. Some investigators claim that they not only prove the monster's existence, but that — far from being a survivor of an ancient species — it is, in fact, the horribly mutated product of secret government experiments.

"The Government has top-secret laboratories here in Scotland," said one resident, who asked not to be named, but who is well known in the local pubs. "Things are always escaping. Viruses. Bacteria. Foot and mouth disease. Pigs with gills and scales. I saw a flying monkey once. It was blue."

He added: "Take my word for it — Nessie is one of their earlier experiments that just went badly awry. And they'll do anything to stop people finding out."

It might have ended there, but McFort's daughter recently discovered a copy of a letter that he sent to the Weekly World Inquisitor soon after the sighting. In it, McFort said: "I am sore afraid that the pictures will be suppressed in my own country, and that I will be subject to a campaign of ridicule and abuse. So I am sending copies of the pictures to the only publication I trust, and to a country renowned for its freedom of speech and the independence of its press."

Monster tries to evade passing helicopter Further investigation suggested that he was referring to the Inquisitor and the USA, though he may have believed the magazine's home town of Reno to be in Canada. A search of our image archives miraculously unearthed three of the images — with possibly more to come.

We rushed these pictures to the Forensic Photography department of the Virginia City University & Beauty School who subjected them to a battery of tests before immediately declaring them genuine.

The pictures have been almost universally hailed as final, conclusive proof of the monster's existence, at least as far as 1981 or 1982. However, some skeptics remain. One professional Nessie-hunter, speaking at a conference, is quoted as saying: "I have dedicated my life to finding Nessie. I have sacrificed my career, my marriage and my life savings. I have spent countless sleepness nights staring into the depths of the loch, praying for some sign that this fantastic creature, this remnant of the dawn of creation, still graces our planet with its presence. And I'm not about to take the word of some dead arse doctor."


Innovation in Incarceration

Enron crook outsources prison sentence

Jeff Skilling hires Indian man to do gaol time for him

Convicted Enron criminal and CEO, Jeff Skilling, has announced that he has outsourced his 24-year prison sentence to a man in Mumbai.

"This is a far more efficient solution," said Skilling, shortly before boarding an Air Force jet heading for South America. "It makes economic sense and I believe I will be able to maintain the same level of service I have provided throughout my career."

Under the terms of the contract, the man in India has agreed not to leave his home, have sex with his wife or engage in business activities.

"I think his name is Sanjay," said one of Skilling's aides, "but he has agreed to go by the name of 'Jeff' for the whole time he is in gaol. Well, not gaol, exactly, but a functional equivalent."

Sources close to the Mumbai man say that he is very pleased with the deal. "All he has to do is sit around watching TV," said one. "And he already has eleven kids, so I think his wife is going to enjoy the time off too."

Civil liberties and anti-corruption activists are reported to be furious. "This is a travesty of justice," said a spokesperson for somebody or other. "At the very least they should send a gang of musclebound thugs round to the Indian man's place once a month to rape him in the showers."

The Indian was chosen by Skilling's lawyers after an exhaustive contract bidding process. The most important qualification, one lawyer explained, was that the successful applicant should be well-mannered. "We didn't want anyone with a temper or anger management issues," he said, "because Jeff is hoping to get significant time off for good behavior. With any luck, he'll be out in a few years."

In a statement issued via his Blackberry from the departing aircraft, Skilling said: "I am glad to be able to repay my debt to society in this way. Not only is it very cost-effective, it is also bringing much-needed employment to a third-world country."


Ken Lay returns from the dead !!

'Innocent' Enron fraudster plans on getting back to business


Ken Lay spotted in Afghanistan

Allegedly dead crook brings modern management techniques to opium lords