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Second Coming

Ken Lay returns from the dead !!

'Innocent' Enron fraudster plans on getting back to business

Ken Lay back from the deadNow that Ken Lay has been declared innocent ('Late Enron boss's verdict quashed'), sources close to the corporate crook say that the former Enron boss might be making a comeback.

"Now that he's no longer a criminal, there's no point in him staying dead, is there?" said a loyal aide. "It's only common sense."

"Besides," he added, "it'd be a shame to let all that money he collected go to waste."

Harry Bitta, a former engineer with Enron who saw his pension disappear and who now exists on welfare, said: "If that son-of-a-bitch comes back to life I'm gonna get my gun and send him right back to hell."

Reports of Lay's imminent second coming are strongly denied by his family. It's rumoured that his window, Linda Lay, said: "I can't possibly afford to have him back. I'm barely making ends meet as it is, with an annuity of only $32,643 a month coming from that $4 million he squirrelled away. So I feel the pain of those poor suck... I mean, poor old people who don't have pensions any more."

There is some confusion over how Lay might make his comeback. "He might just turn up and say he'd been having a terrible dream," said an ex-Enron marketing executive. "Or maybe that he'd been in a coma. Or perhaps on a golfing holiday."

Several US corporations have expressed an interest in hiring Lay.