Black Project - nothing is beyond belief
“All the truth you could possibly need”
Black Project

Black Project

Nothing is Beyond Belief

In this darkly funny novel, a tabloid journalist and an engineer engaged on highly classified government black projects come into contact with a strange secret. It both realizes their dreams and confirms their nightmares. It's a story of paranoia, high strangeness, dark conspiracies, an out of control government and people pushed to the edge of understanding.

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Lady Caine - the novel

Lady Caine

The Weird Side of the War on Drugs

A strange and hilarious adventure on the wilder fringes of international drug crime.

A strange cast of misfits is on the hunt for a missing pilot. In Colombia, tenth-rate drug lords make desperate bids for glory. In Florida, a disillusioned crew of ex-smugglers is intent on rescuing a friend. And a decaying mercenary is tracking the pilot too, for reasons more personal than even he realizes. Each member of this weird posse poses a threat to the others. But their greatest danger comes from their own egos, paranoia, incompetence and inability to cope.

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