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Government wants your spit!!

Dentists harvest spit for Government database

A secret Government organization is building a huge DNA database of every citizen using saliva collected by dentists

Dentists in Government plotIn a crucial step towards creating a One World Government, a top-secret Washington-based organization is building a DNA database covering every US citizen, illegal aliens and even tourists.

And your DNA is being harvested without your permission by the same people you trust to look after your health.

"Ever been to the dentist and wondered why they put those suction tubes in your mouth?" says William H Carpenter, founder of the Carpenter Foundation for the Investigation of Medical Conspiracies. "Ever wondered why you can't just spit any more?"

Saliva and extracted teeth collected by dentists are being sent to a covert Washington laboratory. Once the DNA is analyzed, the teeth are hidden in hardcore used for repairs to the Beltway. It's not known what happens to the saliva, but Carpenter advises against bathing in the Potomac.

And it's not just dentists who are in on this scheme. The Government is working with food manufacturers to increase the amount of sugar we eat.

"This plan won't work if people don't go to the dentist," says Carpenter. "So they're making sure our teeth rot. Americans eat more sugar each week than the entire population of Africa does in a decade. There has to be a reason for that."

There are parts of the country where even this plot is failing, Carpenter says. In rural areas of Arkansas or the Appalachians, for example, people are used to going without teeth. "That said, there are some people that even the Government might decide to ignore," he says.

There are things you can do to protect your right to anonymity, says Carpenter.

"When you visit the dentist," he says, "insist on taking home with you any saliva or teeth removed during the treatment."