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Country goes missing!

China hides Tibet !!

"We're not telling you where we've put it," says leading communist

Google Earth - Tibet is missing !To avoid unrest caused by visiting foreigners during the Olympics, China says it has taken the precaution of moving Tibet to an undisclosed location.

The absence of Tibet was first noticed by fans of Google Earth who report that all information about the country, including satellite images and maps, has disappeared.

This was confirmed by reports coming back from tourists who tried to visit the country. "It's weird," said one confused Canadian backpacker. "I mean, it's just gone!" 

The Weekly World Inquisitor was unable to contact Tibet's official leaders. But one well-known communist commented: "We're not telling you where we've put it. We've taken enough shit about Tibet. Maybe this will make you shut up."

A  spokesgeek for the counter-culture hacking group Reptilinet said: "It can't have been moved far because all the Internet tubes are still connected."

Information obtained via the Reptilinet darknet suggests that residents of the country are furious. "I'm not sure where we are," wrote one covert blogger, "but I know it's cold and I don't have the right clothes with me."

Unconfirmed rumors suggest that the country will be returned after the games are over. "As soon as potentially disruptive elements have left the country, we'll see about putting it back," said one anonymous insider. "Assuming we can remember where we put it."

UPDATE: Tibet is now visible again on Google Earth. However, some activists are claiming that this is not the country itself but a fascimile manufactured by the Chinese Government - possibly a gigantic photograph or silk painting. "If you look closely you can even see the pixels," said one blogger.