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Chips With Everything

'Mark of the Beast' for all US citizens

Conspiracist warns of Government plans to implant ID chips

Mark of the BeastEvery US citizen is to be branded with the mark of the beast, warns leading conspiracy vendor and militia leader Dr William H Carpenter.

The Government's LoyalCitizen scheme - reported exclusively by the Weekly World Inquisitor - will mean that all citizens must have identifying chips embedded in their arms. These Radio Frequency Identification devices - no bigger than a grain of sand - will mean that police officers, state and US troops, federal agents, security contractors and others will be able to find out who you are just by pointing an electronic reader at you.

"We used to think that the number of the beast was 666," says Carpenter. "Now we know it's RFID."

The scheme has been contracted out to LRID, the identification and verification subsidiary of security specialist LethalResponse. In a press statement, LRID (motto:"We're a shot in the arm"), says: "This move must be welcomed by every patriot and law-abiding citizen. Positively identifying and verifying every citizen as often as possible will allow us to reduce fraud, cut crime and fight terrorism. We will know for certain who you are and what you're doing, and that's how we can be sure that you're okay."

Carpenter has stated that both he and his followers will refuse to have the chips. "No-one's putting a bug under my skin," he says. "And what about people who don't even have arms, like Iraqi war vets?"

He adds: "Now your every movement can be tracked - where you are, who you're with. And because RFID tags are already being used in everyday products, they'll even know what you're wearing."

But LRID points to the many benefits. "Whether you're making purchases in a store, applying for a driver's license, or being challenged at a highway checkpoint, you'll be able to prove your identity without carrying easily lost documents or making any dangerously sudden movements."