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Was Adolph an Abductee?

Hitler painted a UFO !!

Was the infamous Nazi dictator an alien abductee?

Hitler Painting with UFOArt experts have stunned the world with the revelation that Adolph Hitler painted a UFO - long before he became the world renowned Nazi leader.

The Nazis are known to have reverse engineered alien spaceships. Now historians are beginning to ask what role Hitler's early contact with aliens might have played in his rise to power and the early successes of the Nazi regime.

Connoisseur and militia leader William H Carpenter, head of the Carpenter Foundation for Extraterrestrial Research & the Arts, says that Hitler's 1913 painting of Madonna and Child clearly shows a flying saucer beaming death rays.

Art critics have traditionally dismissed the object, which is seen hovering over fields in the background of the painting, as a poor rendition of the sun. "Most people know Hitler was a painter," says Rupert Poncy-Eversnoott, critic-at-large for leading London art autioneers Cysties. "But not everyone knows just how crap he was."

But Carpenter's reassessment of the painting comes to a much more sinister conclusion. "Hitler was known to paint from life," he says, "and I have no doubt that this is a scene he personally witnessed - apart from the Virgin Mary and Jesus, of course. The rest of the painting is executed with great skill. I have no doubt that the same goes for that unearthly craft in the background."

But was this the only time the budding genocidal maniac came into contact with extraterrestrial forces?

"Hitler's rise to power and the Nazis' stunning successes in conquering Europe, these can be explained in only one way," says Carpenter. "He had help." 

Carpenter believes that Hitler may have been abducted by the same aliens he painted. "Alien abductees share some common traits," he says. "They believe themselves to have been chosen for a special purpose. They have a special message for the world which only they can deliver. If that doesn't describe Hitler, I don't know what does. And the aliens who abducted Hitler that day were themselves embroiled in a great conflict, which would have given Hitler a very warlike attitude." 

Carpenter claims the proof of this is that the painting actually shows a battle between two extraterrestrial spacecraft.

Hitler painting - detail"The saucer is at the top, cut in half by the edge of the painting," he explains. "If Hitler had simply imagined this, he would have been more careful. The way the saucer is cropped by the frame reminds us of photographs, snapshots where people's heads or feet are cut off. It's evident that Hitler was painting furiously and without any thought for composition. And that's because he was painting a dramatic scene unfolding in front of him."

According to Carpenter, the death rays emanating from the saucer partly mask another spacecraft - a triangular UFO. Yet triangular UFOs wouldn't become popular until 70 years after Hitler painted this image, and 40 years after the dictator's death.

"Clearly, this is a visionary painting," says Carpenter. "It demonstrates an insight into celestial entities and their technology that could only have been gained through direct contact."

The lack of documentary evidence to support the idea that Hitler was an alien abductee, and that the Nazis used alien technology, leads inevitably to one conclusion, claims Carpenter.

"It's a conspiracy," he says. "I believe a secret Nazi-Zionist-Marxist cabal of terrorist bankers is harboring this knowledge, this technology and will exploit it for their own sinister ends, probably as society begins to break down in the current economic depression."

We should all be alert for the signs, he says. But who should we watch?

"The Germans," he says. "It's always the Germans."


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Steve Timm
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Reply #4 on : Mon October 11, 2010, 15:20:57
That is true, this picture is altered.
Here are two sites with the same painting but without the Ufo.
Scroll down on both sites and you'll see the pianting in what seems to be the un-altered original.
However, looking at the other odd object beneath the Suns rays, I would be inclined to say that it looks quite a bit like part of the Branderburger Gate in Berlin, with some other strange object between the gate's arc.
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Reply #3 on : Sat October 31, 2009, 23:59:36
Okay you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out.
To day you can surely see by the great information hwy (Internet)that early Christianity art depict UFO's with associations of God and Christ. Something that a high official would easily have reference to as we do today.
This doesn't make him nor I or any other historian an abductee.
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Reply #2 on : Thu August 13, 2009, 11:16:23
Lots of people all over the globe have had encounters with unexplained crafts (UFO) and beings. It is well known that Hitler was fascinated with the paranormal and occult since his teens. There seems to be a very strong link between the deep occult practices/rituals and UFO phenomenon. Going further... it does not seem weird that we see Christian themed art with UFO's in the background, because when you really think about it, Christianity and all religions stem from the occult, therefore when they are praying (prayer is a ritual) they are calling forth these "angels" and "God" (aliens or Extraterrestial Entities)
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Reply #1 on : Fri April 24, 2009, 07:41:38
this painting is altered...