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Missing Link with ETs

Fossil proof of alien breeding program

'Ida' fossil turns out not to be human but proof that aliens bred with our ancestors, say scientists

Ida alien fossilThe famous 'Ida' fossil - claimed by some to be the missing link with our monkey forefathers - isn't human at all, but an alien!

The $1 million, 47 million year-old fossil was said by its owners to be a common ancestor of both mankind and chimps. But according to Erik Seiffert of Stony Brook University in New York, writing in the highly respected journal Nature, "Our analysis and results have convinced us that Ida was not an ancestor of monkeys, apes, or humans."

According to alien fossil expert William H Carpenter, "Seiffert and his co-authors stopped short of the obvious conclusion - perhaps out of fear of retribution from powerful forces within the Government and the church. But it's obvious to me that they're right. It's not human. It's not a chimp. What else does that leave?

"It's of alien origin."

The similarities with early hominids are understandable, says Carpenter. "You can see why they got confused."

While Ida - aka, Darwinius masillae - isn't human, that doesn't mean there's no link.

"This is proof of interbreeding between extraterrestrial beings and early man," Carpenter claims. "This is why chimps went in one direction and humans as we know them another. This is the start of our separation from the apes, and it's all due to insemination by ETs."

The Ida fossil might be a first-generation hybrid, says Carpenter, or just an alien that didn't make it home. "Perhaps he was exhausted."

At his fortified compound in the Nevada desert, Carpenter says he has a collection of fossils charting repeated interbreeding between alien visitors and humans, "some as recent as the last century," he says. "And I have evidence that it continues to this day, particularly among so-called celebrities. What other explanation is there for their existence?"

Carpenter also says he is himself the result of such interbreeding. "I was created for a special purpose by a highly developed race of extraterrestrials for a mission of global importance," he says, "and one day they will return to explain what it is."

In the meantime, Carpenter is considering legal action to claim the Ida fossil for himself, "As the only known living relative."


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