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Iron makes you readable and writeable!!

Breakfast turns you into a hard drive

Iron is being added to our breakfast cereal so that human bodies can be used as data recording - and tracking - devices, claims scientist

Breakfast ironForget about ID cards, biometric passports and RFID chips in your underwear. The latest Government conspiracy - part of a massive surveillance and tracking program - is breakfast cereal.

"Look on any pack of cereal and see what it says about iron," says William H Carpenter, head of 'Patriots Against Cereals', a campaign group run by the Carpenter Government Conspiracy Foundation. "Now ask yourself, what the hell is iron doing in a breakfast food?"

According to nutritionists, and even actual scientists, additional iron in our food has no health benefits. But many so-called health foods and nearly all cereals have iron added to them. Why? Well, Carpenter says the build-up of iron in our bodies does have one serious side-effect.

"It means that data can be recorded in your body tissue using specially adapted magnetic recording devices," he explains. "In effect, your body becomes a giant hard drive. And any data that's recorded can also be read."

Every time you pass through a toll booth, shop at a store, visit a Government building or attend a meeting, information about those activities will be stored in your muscles. Police officers, FBI agents and other, more covert, Government operatives, can read that data using hand-held scanners.

And the information isn't even safe with the Government. With the right techniques, anyone can read the data and know everything about what you've done and where you've been.

"I swung a crystal over one of my patients and it went crazy," said Melody Moroni, a homeopathic consultant and canine stylist. "Then I started to interpret the movements. Within minutes I knew more about that client than I wanted to. I immediately reported him to the FBI as a possible terrorist."

According to Carpenter, this iron-enriching program is linked to the one putting sugar in our diet and is being run not by a Government department but a private contractor.

"It's all about plausible denial and circumventing the Constitution," he says. "It's a Government conspiracy alright, but they're not doing the dirty work themselves.

"This work is being outsourced to the ID and surveillance arm of LethalResponse.com and is a key part of the LoyalCitizen program," he adds. "Soon you'll see breakfast cereals being sold with special offers on LoyalCitizen Patriot Points."

Carpenter foresees a time, very soon, when you will pay road tolls just by waving your arm at a digital reader. "As part of the LoyalCitizen program, LethalResponse.com is introducing the ConstantTraveler scheme that will charge people for road use and track our movements," he claims. "It's designed to keep tabs on every journey taken by every citizen. Sure, having a magnetic body will make it convenient. But what if you're accidentally deleted?"

Chips With Everything

'Mark of the Beast' for all US citizens

Conspiracist warns of Government plans to implant ID chips

Mark of the BeastEvery US citizen is to be branded with the mark of the beast, warns leading conspiracy vendor and militia leader Dr William H Carpenter.

The Government's LoyalCitizen scheme - reported exclusively by the Weekly World Inquisitor - will mean that all citizens must have identifying chips embedded in their arms. These Radio Frequency Identification devices - no bigger than a grain of sand - will mean that police officers, state and US troops, federal agents, security contractors and others will be able to find out who you are just by pointing an electronic reader at you.

"We used to think that the number of the beast was 666," says Carpenter. "Now we know it's RFID."

The scheme has been contracted out to LRID, the identification and verification subsidiary of security specialist LethalResponse. In a press statement, LRID (motto:"We're a shot in the arm"), says: "This move must be welcomed by every patriot and law-abiding citizen. Positively identifying and verifying every citizen as often as possible will allow us to reduce fraud, cut crime and fight terrorism. We will know for certain who you are and what you're doing, and that's how we can be sure that you're okay."

Carpenter has stated that both he and his followers will refuse to have the chips. "No-one's putting a bug under my skin," he says. "And what about people who don't even have arms, like Iraqi war vets?"

He adds: "Now your every movement can be tracked - where you are, who you're with. And because RFID tags are already being used in everyday products, they'll even know what you're wearing."

But LRID points to the many benefits. "Whether you're making purchases in a store, applying for a driver's license, or being challenged at a highway checkpoint, you'll be able to prove your identity without carrying easily lost documents or making any dangerously sudden movements."


We Know Who You Are

Government launches citizen loyalty scheme

Be a patriot and collect loyalty points with new government scheme

LoyalCitizen.comThe US Government is about to launch a citizen loyalty scheme in which true patriots will receive enhanced benefits - even free gifts - by collecting points for good citizenship.

LoyalCitizen membership cards can be used to provide proof of identity when shopping, applying for jobs, in bars and restaurants, in libraries or bookshops, and when passing through highway checkpoints.

Security specialist company LethalResponse has been appointed prime contractor for the program.

"Every citizen enrolled in the program earns loyalty points each time he or she uses LC authentication to make major purchases, participates in Government-sponsored initiatives or provides information to the authorities about suspect activity by other persons," said a LethalResponse PR sergeant. "It's an opportunity for all good and eligible citizens to prove their patriotism, receive the full benefits of the state and win valuable prizes." 

When asked about the membership card, he replied: "It's not an ID card. It's definitely not an ID card. You'll be able to join up at Walmart. Would we do that with ID cards?"

Citizens who have accumulated points can redeem them against gifts or special privileges - such as a sandwich toaster, leaf blower, medical treatment or legal defense services.



Personal Protection for Al Qaeda Boss

Osama Bin Laden hires US private security firm

Terrorist leader turns to American mercenary organization for protection

LethalResponse IncAccording to unnamed sources, Osama Bin Laden has signed a deal with US-based LethalResponse Inc to provide personal protection services, secure transportation and "ad hoc operational capability".

One Syrian-based source said: "We believe he looked at using Blackwater at first, but wasn't impressed by the negative publicity they seem to be getting. Image is important for a terrorist leader and he thought any association with Blackwater might tarnish his reputation."

It's thought that Bin Laden has taken this step because of the increasing lawlessness and violence in some areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan. "In Bora Bora and the desolate border areas, not even the Al Qaeda top brass feel safe anymore," said one local tribesman. "It's like the Wild West out here."

Little is known about LethalResponse. Defense experts have claimed that it maintains links with members of the current US cabinet, some of whom may be silent board members. And they say it recruits mercenaries from ex-members of the US Marine Corps, LAPD, university campus guards and visitors to gun shows.

Some members of Congress have already raised concerns about this new deal. Like Blackwater and many other private security companies, LethalResponse has a number of contracts in Iraq. For example, it is responsible for protecting convoys delivering the large amounts of cash needed to pay private security contractors. "They don't call them soldiers of fortune for nothing," said Senator Ignatius 'Piggy' Barrell (Republican).

He added: "This does suggest a certain conflict of interest. However, I think we can leave this to market forces. It's not our place to intervene in what are essentially matters of private enterprise."