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Extremists Kill New President

President Obama Assassinated !!

Right-wing extremists shoot the most powerful man in the world the day after his inauguration

Obama - not the dead oneJust one day after taking office, Kalonzo Obama, President of the Lake Naivasha Beekeeping Society, has been assassinated by bandits during what some claim to have been a botched robbery of the Kenyan Imperial Honey Emporium.

Sources in the nation's capital, Nairobi, say that extremist factions within the beekeeping community had vowed they would never allow Obama to become leader of what is viewed as Kenya's leading beekeeping society.

"This election made him the most powerful man in the world of honey," said one anonymous apiculturist. "But certain right-wing groups, some with links to major industrial honey, preserves and condiment corporations, couldn't accept him as their president."

According to the police, a group of burglars were stealing pots of honey and honey-based snacks from the Emporium's gift shop - the Hive House - when they were surprised by Obama, who had remained there overnight having become tired and emotional from his inauguration earlier in the day. The robbers shot Obama dead before making off with their loot.

"It was just a robbery that went wrong," said an official police statement.

But insiders point to militia groups aligned to powerful commercial interests.

"Obama believed in change," said one. "He wanted to give power back to individual beekeepers. He wanted to end the war between rival hives. And he wanted a more responsible approach to the environment - you know, for bees. They weren't going to let that happen. These people are nothing better than terrorists."

There has been a conspiracy to prevent Obama taking office, he added. And what drove the conspiracy was racism.

"Obama was the champion of the European dark bee," said the insider. "But these shady groups want to maintain the supremacy of the Carniolan honey bee. As far as they're concerned, the only good dark bee is a dead dark bee."

Obama, who is believed to be no relation whatsoever to US President Barack Obama (pictured above) was inaugurated as President on the same day his namesake took office in Washington.

McCain is Robotic Stiff !!!

McCain is already dead!!

Maverick doctor claims John McCain's heart stopped a week ago - candidate kept moving with bionics

McCain - dead but campaigningJohn McCain's heart has stopped beating. But he is able to continue campaigning thanks to the use of advanced bionics, says a Washington doctor.

"Many people have noted that McCain has suddenly stopped fear-mongering and using hate speech," says Doctor Michael Souris. "That's because he's dead."

The DC-based medic qualified in Holistic Kinesiology and specialises in Political Aura Analysis. He claims his internet-based practice has been used by a large number of leading politicians, celebrities and TV journalists to "align their chakras with their business and personal goals". And he claims his special gifts have allowed him to see past the facade of McCain's public appearances.

Speaking at the recent 'Strategic Ear Candling for Corporate Success' conference, Dr Souris stunned the audience of nearly a dozen CEOs with his assertion that McCain is now little more than, "the kind of Animatronic gimmick you see at Disneyworld". 

"Clearly he's still campaigning because it's important to get Sarah Palin into the White House," he said. "There never was any intention that McCain would be kept functioning for very long after the inauguration, what with recurrent melanoma, hyperlipidemia, degenerative joint disease and his well-known problems with recall. If elected, he'd have been the oldest president ever to be sworn in. Clearly, he wasn't meant to last more than a few months, let alone a full term. Now that's he's dead, they'll probably switch him off the day after he enters the Oval Office."

But the subterfuge isn't without its problems, said Souris.

"The software clearly has some kinks to work out. Note how it switches so suddenly from delivering a point in a speech to chuckling inanely. No living human would behave like that."

McCain's incoherence, his inability to answer questions properly and the constant repetition of his war stories all point to bug-riddled programming. "Either the software is still in beta or it's been produced by Microsoft," said Souris.

"However," warns the Doctor. "This doesn't mean that Sarah Palin is also dead just because she has the same problems. Her issues with language, truth and intelligence stem from the breeding program that produced her."



Country goes missing!

China hides Tibet !!

"We're not telling you where we've put it," says leading communist

Google Earth - Tibet is missing !To avoid unrest caused by visiting foreigners during the Olympics, China says it has taken the precaution of moving Tibet to an undisclosed location.

The absence of Tibet was first noticed by fans of Google Earth who report that all information about the country, including satellite images and maps, has disappeared.

This was confirmed by reports coming back from tourists who tried to visit the country. "It's weird," said one confused Canadian backpacker. "I mean, it's just gone!" 

The Weekly World Inquisitor was unable to contact Tibet's official leaders. But one well-known communist commented: "We're not telling you where we've put it. We've taken enough shit about Tibet. Maybe this will make you shut up."

A  spokesgeek for the counter-culture hacking group Reptilinet said: "It can't have been moved far because all the Internet tubes are still connected."

Information obtained via the Reptilinet darknet suggests that residents of the country are furious. "I'm not sure where we are," wrote one covert blogger, "but I know it's cold and I don't have the right clothes with me."

Unconfirmed rumors suggest that the country will be returned after the games are over. "As soon as potentially disruptive elements have left the country, we'll see about putting it back," said one anonymous insider. "Assuming we can remember where we put it."

UPDATE: Tibet is now visible again on Google Earth. However, some activists are claiming that this is not the country itself but a fascimile manufactured by the Chinese Government - possibly a gigantic photograph or silk painting. "If you look closely you can even see the pixels," said one blogger.


Extraterrestrial Neocons

McCain, Bush are shape-shifting alien

President and Republican candidate are one and the same - a shape-shifting alien lizard creature, claim Washington insiders

McCain Bush lizard alien President George W Bush and John McCain are one and the same - a shapeshifting lizard alien from the Zeta Reticuli star system.

The revelations come from an insider from Bush's own staff. Speaking on condition of anonymity, Mr X said he could no longer stand the horrific sights to which he was subject as the alien being shifted from one hideous form to another.

"There's a lot of credibility to these accusations, as the two 'men' are rarely seen in the same place," said one Washington insider. "And when they are, I'm told that the 'Bush' is actually one of the many doubles the President uses for less-important speaking engagements."

Others inside the Beltway have long suspected that the President might be from another planet. According to one Congressman, the Bush-McCain creature's extraterrestrial origins were betrayed in a number of ways. 

"The first clue that Bush was an alien was his trouble with even simple English phrases," he said. "According to briefings I've received from the CIA and NASA, language is an alien's weak point. And McCain has similar problems. Sometimes you think he's just not going to get to the end of the sentence."

There is also Bush's bizarre empathy with 'illegal aliens' - with proposed amnesties, citizenship programs and guest worker schemes. "You and I know that 'illegal alien' means Mexican," said the Congressman, "but Bush gets easily confused."

Political experts say that Bush is just morphing his form to get around the two-term limit imposed by the 22nd Amendment. "He hasn't finished with the country yet," said Mr X. "This way, he gets to continue the same policies while convincing people he stands for something new."

The Congressman added: "It's possible that all the neocons - not just Bush-McCain - are shape-shifting lizards and that there aren't nearly so many of them as people think."



Secret Weapon in Presidential Race

McCain must die, says Huckabee

Apparent loser in Republican nomination may know something we don't know

McCain - good reason to be worried? Mike Huckabee might still win the Republican nomination for President. Most pundits have written him off, but now some are suggesting the Christian extremist candidate might have a secret weapon that will kill John McCain's campaign.

"Have you noticed how Huckabee hasn't dropped out even though he seems a clear no-hoper?" asked Mac Velli, chief analyst with a highly secretive Washington political PR company which has no name. "It's like he knows something we don't. It's like he knows for certain that McCain won't make it to the Republican convention."

The recent allegations about McCain's relationship with Washington-based lobbyist Vicki Iseman is evidence of a covert campaign that may originate within the Republican party itself. "Who knows how far this might go?" said Velli. "I mean, McCain's not a young guy. If he was to meet his sudden demise ... well, maybe people wouldn't ask too many questions."

Others have pointed to the fact that Mormon candidate Mitt Romney has stopped campaigning but has not officially withdrawn. "He's the anti-Huckabee camp's safety net," said Velli. "But it does mean that if McCain ... um ... meets with an accident, we'll have a choice between two religious nutjobs. Of course, that's often the case with Republicans."

Asked whether Huckabee might be implicated in a secret plot to end McCain's chances, Velli said: "Obviously, it's easy to see why Huckabee would want to see McCain's campaign die. But I guarantee you will never find an evidence trail linking Huckabee to any sudden termination of McCain's presidential hopes."

He added: "All the same, if I were McCain, I'd be worried."


Death camps for homos, promises Huckabee

Loser in presidential race sets extremist agenda for next attempt

Al Qaeda says 'Vote for Giuliani'

Terror group puts weight behind Republican candidate

Scooter Libby nominated for sainthood

Is the criminal Libby about to become the patron saint of finks?

Bush pardons 'Scooter' Libby

President George W Bush accidentally offers a full pardon to 'Scooter' Libby; also announces victory in Iraq War

Bush calls for arrest of entire CIA

US President follows Italians' lead - blames everything on Langley's super-spooks

Neocons refuse to evolve

Right-wing cabal, led by 'Monkey Face' Bush, claims religion doesn't allow them to develop with the rest of us

Bush blames defeat on poor vote-rigging

President says that more training is needed for voting machine programmers and polling station hoodlums