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Government launches citizen loyalty scheme

Be a patriot and collect loyalty points with new government scheme

LoyalCitizen.comThe US Government is about to launch a citizen loyalty scheme in which true patriots will receive enhanced benefits - even free gifts - by collecting points for good citizenship.

LoyalCitizen membership cards can be used to provide proof of identity when shopping, applying for jobs, in bars and restaurants, in libraries or bookshops, and when passing through highway checkpoints.

Security specialist company LethalResponse has been appointed prime contractor for the program.

"Every citizen enrolled in the program earns loyalty points each time he or she uses LC authentication to make major purchases, participates in Government-sponsored initiatives or provides information to the authorities about suspect activity by other persons," said a LethalResponse PR sergeant. "It's an opportunity for all good and eligible citizens to prove their patriotism, receive the full benefits of the state and win valuable prizes." 

When asked about the membership card, he replied: "It's not an ID card. It's definitely not an ID card. You'll be able to join up at Walmart. Would we do that with ID cards?"

Citizens who have accumulated points can redeem them against gifts or special privileges - such as a sandwich toaster, leaf blower, medical treatment or legal defense services.



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