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Aliens probe us!

Russian probe hijacked by Martians!

Phobos-Grunt was supposed to survey Mars - now aliens are using it to probe us!

Phobos-GruntA Russian spacecraft that was supposed to land on Mars' biggest moon, Phobos, has been taken over by extraterrestrials, said sources close to the space agency Roscosmos.

The 15-tonne Phobos-Grunt probe failed to fire its main engine, ending up in Earth orbit instead of hurtling towards the Red Planet. Yet reliable press reports indicate that, instead of slowing falling towards annihilation in Earth's atmosphere, it is actually increasing altitude.

"In spite of all the speculation, there is clearly only one sane explanation for this," claimed William H Carpenter, chief of the Carpenter Foundation for the Unexplained Truth. "Martians have taken control of the spacecraft and are now using it to probe us."

Without power from an engine, such a rising orbit is impossible. Carpenter believes the required energy is being delivered by an alien craft that has now docked with the crippled Russian vehicle.

"The history of Mars missions is littered with failures for both Russia and the US," said Carpenter. "Russia hasn't had a truly successful Mars mission and many of NASA's attempts have ended in failure. I think the Brits tried and failed, too."

The reason for this is simple, he said. "Martians don't like being probed. Who does?"

Some contact has been made with the Phobos-Grunt spacecraft, but Roscosmos is being cagey about what information has been exchanged. Rumors circulating within the space community suggest that the Russians may have received an unexpected message from the craft which might explain its strange behaviour. 

"It's definitely aliens," said Carpenter, "or maybe the Chinese."


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Reply #2 on : Thu August 01, 2013, 11:53:08
i saw this launch from ~4 miles away. the delta 2 rellay leaps off the pad. the first 6 solids were visible for a very long time after separation as they arced over. the plume that developed from the first stage engine was very bright and at least the size of the full moon. through a small telescope i was able to see a great deal of texture in the plume... which you can rarely see on video. a must-see-in-person kind of event...
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Reply #1 on : Thu October 04, 2012, 13:45:57
Good article. I agree that the media hype arnuod all this seems a little too convenient.Your post has made me wonder about a couple things though. One: there are still people out there who not only don't believe that aliens have visited us, but don't even believe they exist at all. Do you think maybe Hawking's statement may help convince people that ET's at least exist?Two: This is probably common knowledge to some, but I wonder why the government needs to hide info like this from us at all? What do they stand to lose? Maybe they risk social chaos or loss of power? I'd think they'd risk those things whether we knew everything or not since a time may come where they can't sheild us from it anyway.Thanks for posting, nicely done!