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The Smell of Slavery

New World Order launches perfume range

The Scent of Fear is the latest attempt by the Illuminati to eradicate individuality and make money

Scent of Fear by New World OrderA secret cabal of bankers, technocrats, politicians and fashion designers is engaged in a new conspiracy, and this time its target is your body.

'The Scent of Fear' is a new perfume and toiletries range about to be launched on an unsuspecting publlic.

"It's all about eradicating our individuality," claims conspiracy watcher William H Carpenter. "For centuries, the fashion industry has been toiling away, in the pay of its One World Government masters, to make us look the same, smell the same and think the same. This is just the latest stage in that process."

Carpenter, who operates from an armed complex somewhere in the Nevada desert, says the new scheme is the brainchild of some of the top members of the Illuminati, the leaders of the New World Order.

"I love the smell of perfume," he says, "but this one smells like ... enslavement."

Popular scents already make large portions of the population smell alike, Carpenter points out. But what the New World Order wants is complete uniformity.

"Maybe ten per cent of young people smell of Lagerfeld or Chanel or Chlöe," he says. "But that's still too much choice. And changing scent is a means of disguise. If we all smell the same, the NWO can train its tracker and attack dogs to ignore the perfume and go for the human odor beneath. These dogs will be conditioned not to smell Fear."

The first product in the range, 'Fear pour Femme', will be a perfume and eau de toilette sold in a bottle resembling a hand grenade. The handle operates the atomizer while pulling the pin will deliver an extra-large dose for emergency situations. Releasing the handle after pulling the pin will trigger a rape alarm.

"This alarm will be monitored from the NORAD facilities in Cheyenne Mountain," claims Carpenter. "But don't expect help to arrive. It's just a way of identifying sexually active and unruly elements in society. I think we can expect a series of raids by Special Forces teams on frat houses and popular Spring Break locations."


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Reply #2 on : Sun March 31, 2013, 15:51:41
That's the thing expected. They want us to loose our faith in goemenrvnts, and to welcome new world government. NOVUS ORDO SECULORUM. Look at the dollars, everything is clear. But first they would need to destroy every moral principle(coming from religion), and make people live by new moral principles, as to become animals without reason, who don't think and are not able to get involved in political reasoning.You've just expressed your wish for their great plan to come true.
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