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Killing with Jesus!!

'Jesus rifles' now shooting Crusader bullets

US Army is using holy ammo in its fight to bring God to Afghanistan, says General

Holy sightsFollowing the success of the US Army's 'Jesus rifles', equipped with consecrated gunsights, America's armed forces are now deploying specially blessed ammunition.

"We are doing God's work in Afghanistan," says General Moses Khan. "Now we have God's ammo to aid us."

Defence company Trijicon has sold around 300,000 of its gunsights to the US Army and Marine Corps. The sights have been specially enhanced by having references to the Bible engraved on them, turning M-16s and M-4s into 'Jesus rifles'.

"When one of our righteous boys take aim at a raghead with one of these holy sights, he feels Jesus enter his heart," says Khan, "and that helps him nail the bastard right through the head."

There have been complaints that the biblical references contravene rule that prevent US troops spreading the word of God in Iraq and Afghanisation, which are notoriously Muslim countries.

"Atheist do-gooders back in Washington want us to fail in our true mission of bringing Jesus to these poor people," says Khan. "We're here to show them that our God is bigger than their god, and what better way to do it than by shooting as many of them as we can. If that doesn't get the message across, nothing will."

Nevertheless, as a result of the protests, Trijicon will no longer include the Bible references on future sights. And the company is providing kits to the military to remove them from existing equipment.

"That's like taking away the soldiers' body armor or saying they can't shoot civilians," says Khan. "Our boys have a tough job to do and they need God on their side. That's why I'm glad we now have these Crusader rounds.

The bullets are being supplied by an unamed company in Texas via a private security company,, which is supplying 'special services' in Iraq, Afghanistan, and parts of New York.

Like the sights, each bullet is engraved with a reference to the Bible, though some carry the Crusader motto Deus Vult (God wills it) or a famous saying by George W. Bush, such as 'Misunderestimate this!'.

The Pentagon was unavailable for comment as we went to press.


Government Zombie Jab

Swine flu vaccine - the sinister truth

The vaccination program is just a cover for mass implanting of ID chips and mind-control drugs, says scientist

H1N1 vaccinePresident Barack Obama has declared swine flu a 'national emergency'. And now we know why.

When that needle goes into your arm, you're not just getting a vaccine against H1N1 - a virus that was manufactured in top-secret Government laboratories. You'll also be getting an ID chip and a dangerous cocktail of mind control drugs, says one leading scientist.

"We all know that swine flu isn't really dangerous," says Dr Tim McVinny in a statement from the William H Carpenter Center for Medical Conspiracies. "H1N1 is no worse than regular flu. So why the emergency?"

The so-called national emergency gives Government agents special powers to force people to be vaccinated, he explains. It's the biggest medical conspiracy since the forced sterilisations that took place in the USA as late as the 1960s.

"They've been looking for a way to implant ID chips for some time now," says McVinny "The H1N1 pandemic is a golden opportunity. But it's not entirely by chance."

According to McVinny, the pandemic is an accident - a kind of 'blowback' from a covert program to infect immigrants in the US. "Look where it started," says McVinny. "Mexico."

He adds: "The aim was to weaken a sector of society that has little or no medical insurance. It's microbiological ethnic cleansing."

Asked about the spread of H1N1 to the US and other first-world countries, McVinny said: "No-one's claiming these Government people are smart."

The ID chips will allow Government agents to track the movements of every US citizen. But it doesn't stop there, says McVinny.

"It's one thing knowing where you are. They also want to control what you're doing," he says. "Our research, which involved visiting dozens of online forums, as well as world-leading conspiracy websites, indicates that the so-called vaccine will also include mind control drugs."

He says that one source told him, "I have been a CIA mind-control sex slave for more than 25 years. Recently, while I was being forced to pleasure Dick Cheney, he let slip that the vaccine would be used to turn more people into unwilling Government zombies."

According to this source, Cheney is still very much in control of numerous black projects. The election of Barack Obama and a Democrat-controlled Congress was simply a means of providing deep cover for the Illuminati actually in control of the country.

McVinny said he couldn't name the source because that would cause "his immediate termination". But he said, "My source says he was told the first use of the mind-control powers is to stop people asking questions about the vaccinations." 


Fog of War

Hollywood to plan next American war

Pentagon wants a slicker image and a plot that everyone can understand

Hollywood to direct next war The next time America goes to war, it won't be according to plans drawn up in the Pentagon. Instead, it'll be a movie director calling 'action', and generals are likely to hand out Oscars instead of medals.

The Government is calling on the talents of the movie world to improve the image of war. It also hopes to exploit the organisational skills of Hollywood producers to ensure that future conflicts will come in on-time and on-budget.

The scheme was hatched after Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer was given unprecedented access to troops in Afghanistan — access denied to journalists — to make a 'documentary' about 'American bravery'.

"Bruckheimer is Bush's Leni Riefenstahl," said one proud White House aide. "And that's what gave us the idea. Next time we go into some godforsaken shithole, let's make sure we at least have a good script."

Inside sources say that the Administration is tired of military campaigns starting well but fizzling out.

"You see it time and again," said Buck Trouserful, martial image consultant to the President. "At first, it's real exciting. Lots of explosions, hardcore hardware, great shots of missiles being launched and those really cool videos of precision bombs taking out bridges an' stuff. But then it all gets kinda talky-talky and before you know it, no-one can work out what the goddamn plot is. We lose people's attention and have to start another war to get it back again."

A special committee, convened by the Cabinet in secret, has been meeting with leading Hollywood screenwriters, producers and directors to discuss what one pundit has called "Washington's third act problem".

US military forces also hope to leverage the skills of movie set designers, make-up artists and special effects specialists to give wars a slicker, more marketable appeal.

"You don't see images of war in the glossy magazines, like Glamor or Vogue," said Trouserful. "That's untapped marketing potential. So we're looking into having the Marines' uniforms redesigned, get 'em into some designer labels. They already drive cool cars — I drive a Hummer myself — but green? Puhleeze!"


Happy Holidays

US declares Santa an 'enemy combatant'

It's a quick trip to Gitmo for Santa Claus and his reindeer 'insurgents'

Santa - enemy combatantSanta Claus has been classified as an 'enemy insurgent' by the Department of Homeland Defense (DHS) and the Pentagon. If the jolly fat man shows his ruddy face in US airspace, he is liable to be shot down or captured and sent to Guantanamo Bay, said a spokesman for the DHS.

"Someone who goes around distributing high-value gifts for free is a clear and present danger to our way of life, founded as it is on the principles of capitalism. We have evidence that these so-called 'gifts' include Playstations, mobile phones and iPods. No-one gives stuff like that away for nothing. There has to be something behind this. At the very least the guy's a commie, but more likely he's a terrorist determined to undermine our society."

The spokesman pointed to the legend that such gifts are given only to 'boys and girls'. "This is a direct attack on the most vulnerable section of our community. We have an obligation to put a stop to this — you know, for the children."

He also emphasised that the only children who were promised such gifts were those who had been 'good'.

"What this means is children who are passive or timid," he explained. "That directly undermines the warriorlike ethos we have striven so hard to inculcate in our youngsters, through movies, video games, military academies and the general militarisation of our society. If this so-called Santa had his way, our children would grow up a nation of namby-pamby, peace-loving liberals. Then where would we be?"

Supported by a highly trained cadre of reindeer, Santa always works under the cover of darkness and repeatedly enters private homes by unconventional means, according to a Pentagon briefing. However, the traditional story that he breaks into every home in the world in one night is clearly impossible and points to the existence of a shadowy organisation, perhaps supporting a worldwide network of Santas who use the big white beard and red uniform to disguise their identities.

"What we want to know is, who's funding him and what's their agenda?" said a CIA agent who wished to remain anonymous. "But don't for a second doubt that their intention is malicious. Just one look at the horns on those reindeer will tell you that they mean business."

A major operation by the DHS has revealed a network of what it calls 'pseudo-Santas' or 'Santa sympathizers', working undercover in department stores across the country. A leaked memo describes the function of these fake fatties as "unclear" but says "they may represent a potential fifth column designed to spread propaganda and build support, or they may even be 'sleeper' cells awaiting the command to take action, which will probably be encoded in so-called 'carols'."

The DHS says it intends to take firm action against this new threat "as soon as our guys get back from the holidays".


Private War

US outsources war in Iraq

Responsibility for peace, prosperity and oil revenues goes to private consortium headed by Rumsfeld

Bush & RummyDismayed by the inability of US armed forces to impose peace on Iraq, US President George W Bush and Defence Secretary Robert Gates have opted to outsource the war to a private consortium.

Headed by a private firm, LethalResponse Inc — established by ex-Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld just minutes after losing his cabinet post — the consortium also includes Halliburton subsidiary Kellog Brown & Root and a number of leading US defence companies.

"It just makes sense," said a smiling Rumsfeld. "This war is costing billions, and there's no sense in that money going to waste in Iraq. It might as well go into American pockets."

It's understood that the consortium will sub-contract the war back to the US Army, though this may involve troops having to accept pay cuts and loss of what Rumsfeld described as 'frivolous fringe benefits', such as body armor and ammunition.

Sources close to the Pentagon say that the fee charged by the consortium will undercut the current price of the war by up to 3 percent. In return, the consortium will be allocated an undisclosed share of Iraq's oil revenues and will assume all contracts for supplying, transporting and maintaining US armed forces in Iraq.

"This is a great opportunity for America," said Rumsfeld from his company's headquarters in the Cayman Isles. "At least, it's a great opportunity for Americans who are shareholders in our company. Which means me and George. The war in Iraq is going from bad to worse, which means lots of business for our consortium. The guys who make the weapons and rockets and things are very happy. We've just contracted with a private airline to bring back the bodies and stuff, so they're happy. Everybody's happy!"

It is believed that President Bush will become a director of LethalResponse when his current term as President ends.


Terrorists use exploding clothes - fly naked, say airlines

Intelligence operation foils terrorist plot to destroy aircraft with 'shell-suit bombs'