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Swine flu vaccine - the sinister truth

The vaccination program is just a cover for mass implanting of ID chips and mind-control drugs, says scientist

H1N1 vaccinePresident Barack Obama has declared swine flu a 'national emergency'. And now we know why.

When that needle goes into your arm, you're not just getting a vaccine against H1N1 - a virus that was manufactured in top-secret Government laboratories. You'll also be getting an ID chip and a dangerous cocktail of mind control drugs, says one leading scientist.

"We all know that swine flu isn't really dangerous," says Dr Tim McVinny in a statement from the William H Carpenter Center for Medical Conspiracies. "H1N1 is no worse than regular flu. So why the emergency?"

The so-called national emergency gives Government agents special powers to force people to be vaccinated, he explains. It's the biggest medical conspiracy since the forced sterilisations that took place in the USA as late as the 1960s.

"They've been looking for a way to implant ID chips for some time now," says McVinny "The H1N1 pandemic is a golden opportunity. But it's not entirely by chance."

According to McVinny, the pandemic is an accident - a kind of 'blowback' from a covert program to infect immigrants in the US. "Look where it started," says McVinny. "Mexico."

He adds: "The aim was to weaken a sector of society that has little or no medical insurance. It's microbiological ethnic cleansing."

Asked about the spread of H1N1 to the US and other first-world countries, McVinny said: "No-one's claiming these Government people are smart."

The ID chips will allow Government agents to track the movements of every US citizen. But it doesn't stop there, says McVinny.

"It's one thing knowing where you are. They also want to control what you're doing," he says. "Our research, which involved visiting dozens of online forums, as well as world-leading conspiracy websites, indicates that the so-called vaccine will also include mind control drugs."

He says that one source told him, "I have been a CIA mind-control sex slave for more than 25 years. Recently, while I was being forced to pleasure Dick Cheney, he let slip that the vaccine would be used to turn more people into unwilling Government zombies."

According to this source, Cheney is still very much in control of numerous black projects. The election of Barack Obama and a Democrat-controlled Congress was simply a means of providing deep cover for the Illuminati actually in control of the country.

McVinny said he couldn't name the source because that would cause "his immediate termination". But he said, "My source says he was told the first use of the mind-control powers is to stop people asking questions about the vaccinations."