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Sacred Sandwiches

Movie director finds Christ's lunchbox

Ancient relic still shows traces of saviour's sandwiches, claim scientists

The lunchbox of Jesus A British movie director claims he has discovered a 2,000 year-old lunchbox once used by Jesus Christ.

Mickey Lozer has written, directed and produced a new 23-minute documentary, 'The Packed Lunch of Jesus', available via mail order on DVD. In it, he documents the discovery and subsequent identification of the holy vessel.

"You may know me as the director of Death Dream, Death Dream 2 and Death Dream 3," said Lozer. "And Death Dream 4. But I'm also a deeply committed Christian and when I first heard about the discovery of Christ's lunchbox I just knew this was a hot property."

In the movie, Lozer says how his first encounter with the box gave him the chills. "This was actually touched and used by our Lord," he says. "He took it to work with him every day when toiling as a carpenter."

Lozer also shows the spot, just outside Nazareth, where the small wooden box was unearthed. A construction crew was digging foundations for a new fast-food restaurant.

"At first they thought it was just another of those bone box things — whaddya call 'em? Ossuaries. Yeah that's it. Anyway, those things are turning up everywhere and who really cares about a bunch of old bones, right? The workmen were about to sling it in the trash when someone noticed the handle on top of the box and realized that this might be something special."

One of the workmen was a fan of Lozer's movies, knew of the director's interest in ancient relics and contacted him via Lozer's blog, 'Remember Me?'. Lozer immediately arranged to have the box examined by an Oklahoma-based company whose scientists specialize in identifying relics as having belonged to Jesus.

"They found traces of bread inside," said Lozer. "It was when they realized the bread was unleavened that they really got excited."

Carvings on the side of the box, in Aramaic, roughly translate as 'Property of Yeshua bar Yosef. Hands off!'.

And tests on the handle revealed traces of DNA.

"Perhaps this is the most exciting part," said Lozer. "Now we have Jesus Christ's DNA, we can find other things that belonged to him. A hammer, maybe. Or some nails."